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Dear SW-List, 
Valerie invited me to this list and so here I am. 

My name is Sung-Eun HONG, I am working on a corpus-based Korean Sign Language (KSL)  dictionary which will be compiled by the National Institute of Korean Language (NIKL). 
The NIKL is considering to use SignWriting in their KSL Dictionary. If this really happens it is expected that SignWriting will play an important role in the Korean sign language world in the future. Currently there are only few people using SignWriting in Korea. Anyway right now we are having troubles to add SignWriting to our database (currently FileMaker Pro Advanced). 
I did explore the signwriting.org webpage, which offers diverse softwares like signmaker 2017, Rand keyboard and so on. I am not very familiar with computer stuff, but I couldn't find anything which would allow me to copy SignWriting symbols from signmaker to programms like word, excel or FileMaker. SignMaker's output is an image and the Rand keybord seems to be a tool for the internet (chatrooms, wikipedia). I also know about signpuddle, but it looks to me like an internet dictionary, where I can save my signwriting entries.We would like to install SignWriting as a font (which I already did) and to be able to copy, paste and edit it in any software. This is important because only then it is possible to search for SignWriting symbols in the KSL Dictionary. 
I just found something in the list archive about MS Word, but this only strengthens my assumption that signwriting can only copied as an image. 
Anybody, who can help me?
Thank you~~~~!
Best, Sung-Eun



Valerie Sutton
SignWriting List moderator
sutton at signwriting.org

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