[Sw-l] Request for guidance - Aesthetic symbols for writing name sign (People's own sign)

Rubens Almeida rubens.escritadesinais at GMAIL.COM
Tue Jul 16 02:34:01 EDT 2019

Members of the deaf community who use SignWriting around the world.

I would like the help of you, I have the privilege of writing the name of the sign (Sign of person - baptism in Libras) of many people in SignWriting here in Brazil, and to show that it is sign name specifically, I have using symbols of "Aesthetics" representing eyes, eyelashes, mouth or other symbols on the face, according to the following symbols available in SignPuddle (attachment).

I believe that using these symbols to write the name sign (a person's own sign) can contribute and facilitate reading, because it gives tips for the reader to "prepare" to encounter an unusual or specific sign, which you probably will not know it in advance and need to analyze it more carefully. (CARNEIRO, 2018)
Another reason is also to differentiate similar signs from people of Male and Female genres with the same signs, so using a symbol with eyelashes can differentiate from the other that does not have it, showing the difference of genres.
I have already written the deaf with the same sign, more male and female.
See example (attachment)

I am writing a children's book in SignWriting and in it I make use of sign name (baptism in Libras) with characters with the same sign gender name (male and female) different, in the same context, in this way, write using the symbols of aesthetics certainly facilitates the reading, for identifying and differentiating the characters with the same signs.
So I'm posting on this list, with the aim of asking for help with opinions, guidelines about what you have accomplished, your experiences in this area, also with references of publications (magazines, books, memos, web, sites, symposia) that address this subject.
Thank you very much for your attention and support in this important work developed here in Brazil.

 - Rubens Almeida
SEDUC/MA, Brazil



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