[Sw-l] SignPuddle 3 beta ready next week

Stephen Slevinski slevin at SIGNPUDDLE.NET
Fri Jun 7 16:10:36 EDT 2019

Hi SignWriting List,

I have completed the new SignMaker and the image uploads section for 
SignPuddle 3. I am pleased to report that the SignPuddle 3 beta will be 
ready next week.  This release will focuses on dictionaries. This is an 
important milestone and I am very excited.

I have converted all of the SignPuddle 2 dictionaries over to SignPuddle 
3 so we can hit the ground running.  I'm hoping that every sign language 
involved will participate, so that we can really polish our 
dictionaries.  These dictionaries will be very helpful when the new 
SignText is ready.

Every sign language will have a public dictionary.  Also available, will 
be practice, specialized, or alternative dictionaries on request.

I could really use everyone's help.  First, when the beta is ready, use 
the software to add and edit the dictionaries.  Second, provide 
feedback, ideas, and opinions.  Third, share this information with 
others who are interested.  Fourth, if you are able, consider 
financially supporting my work directly through patreon.  I know this is 
a lot to ask, but I really need your support if I am going to be able to 
continue developing SignPuddle software full time along with 
administering the SignWriting websites.  With so many sign languages 
involved, it would only take a few generous people from each sign 
language so that I can complete the software and expand my efforts in 
new directions like the 2-dimensional font and mobile applications.

I will have a full announcement next week and hopefully include a few 
explanatory videos to show what is possible.




Valerie Sutton
SignWriting List moderator
sutton at signwriting.org

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