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Mon May 13 14:34:27 EDT 2019

Hi Everyone, I have a question about some top of the head locations that im hoping you can help with –

Im looking at symbol set S384 Location Head Neck.  The second column (column S3841x) has symbols that I think relate to the top of the head.  I interpret the bar as a top view of the ears.  I also imagine that I am looking down at the top of the head as though I were standing on a tall ladder behind the signer, so that when the scallop is at the top of the page, it means it is near the forehead/face and when the scallop is at the bottom of the page it means the back of the top of the head. Here is the set:


Here is how I interpret them from the top down

0 top of head near center forehead

1 top of head near left side of forehead

2 top of head above left ear

3 top of head behind left ear

4 top of head at center back

5 top of head behind right ear

6 top of head above right ear

7 top of head near right side of forehead


Have I interpreted them correctly?







Valerie Sutton
SignWriting List moderator
sutton at signwriting.org

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