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Stephen Slevinski slevin at SIGNPUDDLE.NET
Tue May 21 16:27:46 EDT 2019

On 5/21/19 1:48 PM, Marcos Aurélio Hermogenes Boriola wrote:
> After your answer, I went to my data file and found some SignTexts 
> wrote in a different format.
> I.e.: AS10041S10049S20600M18x23S10041n3xn7S10049n17xn7S20600n11xn23
> I'm wondering how to convert this SignText to FSW because I can't see 
> the same pattern at the beginning of this SignText like the one you 
> converted as an example.

With Formal SignWriting, a sign is written as a two-part word.  The 
optional prefix is a temporal order for sorting and other time based 
processing.  The spatial signbox is mandatory.

The sign in question:

The "A" starts the temporal prefix. The symbol keys start with S 
followed by 5 additional characters.  The "M" starts the spatial 
signbox.  The "M" stands for middle lane.  Other options are "L" for 
left and "R" for right.

So to break down the sign...
A S10041 S10049 S20600 M 18x23 S10041 n3xn7 S10049 n17xn7 S20600 n11xn23

Sorting prefix of "A S10041 S10049 S20600"

Spatial signbox of "M 18x23 S10041 n3xn7 S10049 n17xn7 S20600 n11xn23"

This sign will need to be converted to FSW using the center coordinate 
of 500,500.  The prefix will stay the same.

A presentation you may find interesting.




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