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Stephen Slevinski slevin at SIGNPUDDLE.NET
Tue Mar 24 13:17:36 UTC 2020

On 3/21/20 10:37 AM, Jonathan Duncan wrote:
> Steve,
>     I was wondering in view of the work you will be doing with the 
> servers,  if SignPuddle 2.0 will continue to be the editable puddles 
> for some foreseeable future and we will be able to continue to export 
> the puddles from there or if you will be switching the editable 
> puddles to SignPuddle 3.0?
>     The reason for my question is that I am developing an App called 
> SWSignWriter to make it easier to share SignWriting text on mobile 
> phones and on the web which depends on the current functionality of 
> SignPuddle 2.0. The main focus of the app is for sharing the 
> SignWriting on social media or other mobile phone apps.

Hi Jonathan,

SignPuddle 2 will be supported and the main data set for the foreseeable 
future.  With recent changes, I have updated my plans. Here are some of 
my thoughts.

PHP code is legacy.  SignPuddle on the server is written in the PHP 
programming language.  It uses the Apache web server with rewrite 
rules.  This will be supported as long as SignPuddle 2 is still wanted.

All in for JavaScript.  The packages I use and develop will be mainly 
JS, both browser and node.

The SignPuddle 3 server will be split from the client code, refactored 
to JavaScript for Node, and renamed the "@sutton-signwriting/server" 
package for node.  It will be a RESTful API for managing different types 
of datasets related to SignWriting.

Later this year, I plan to launch the official 
"@sutton-signwriting/server" installation and demo how to install this 
package elsewhere for personal use, private networks, and online.  The 
Sutton SignWriting Server will be able to use SPML to import SignPuddle 
2 data for entire collections, but it will not support merging or SPML 

So for the future, SignPuddle 2 will still be supported, but the new and 
improved Sutton SignWriting Server will be better for the server 
administrators, software developers, and end users.

>     Do the React component library work with other frameworks besides 
> React? like the Stencil(https://stenciljs.com/) web components? I've 
> have heard of how great the web components can be but haven't worked 
> with them yet.
This year, I will be developing the React component library.  It will be 
able to use SignWriting and it will be able to communicate with a 
@sutton-signwriting/server installation by URL or IP address.

Once available, the React component library for SignWriting can be used 
as a template for other component libraries.

>     Look forward to your response and which you the best with all your 
> projects and hope to have mine available for people to use soon.
So great to hear that your work continues.  I wish you all the best as well.




Valerie Sutton
SignWriting List moderator
sutton at signwriting.org

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