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September 21, 2020

Val’s Answer:

Regarding software:

Did you know there are two places to access the Korean Sign Language Dictionary in SignWriting online?

SignPuddle 2:
Korean Sign Language Dictionary
https://www.signbank.org/signpuddle2.0/index.php?ui=1&sgn=78 <https://www.signbank.org/signpuddle2.0/index.php?ui=1&sgn=78>


SignMaker 2017:
https://www.signbank.org/signmaker/#?ui=en&dictionary=kvk <https://www.signbank.org/signmaker/#?ui=en&dictionary=kvk>

BOTH programs can be used freely.

The two programs work a little differently. I feel it is easier to use SignPuddle 2 because you can see all the handshapes in one large grid when you are creating new signs. In SignMaker 2017, you need to push the Mirror Button to find this unusual palm facing. 

Please see attached. This is my writing of this sign, based on your video. There are other ways to write this sign. This is my choice of handshape. We can discuss the other choices later.

Next I will explain where I found the handshape in both software programs.


> On Sep 21, 2020, at 9:32 AM, Valerie Sutton <signwriting at mac.com> wrote:
> SignWriting List
> September 21, 2020
> Thank you for this question from Korea. The answer comes next message.
> "I want to write this sign in SignWriting.
> This sign is not Front or Top view.
> Maybe this sign is Front View and Side of Hand?
> But, it turns one's palm upside down.
> So, i can't find it in Signmaker 2017.
> Any advice on what symbols to use?



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