[Sw-l] Using LaTeX for SignWriting

David Zitzelsberger dazitzel at LIVE.COM
Sun Feb 28 19:33:37 UTC 2021

>> Hello David -
>> Thank you for posting your PDF document “Introduction to fswtotext”. The SignWriting List software was able to accept the PDF very well and it opened for me and I have skimmed it and all I can say is - “wonderful” (attached is an ASL sign for WONDERFUL)

>> This morning I had a Zoom meeting with Steve Slevinski and we chatted about your work, programming with LaTeX, something new to me. I am not a programmer but I am amazed at how many programming opportunities there are, such as LaTeX - how fortunate we are to have these tools.

>> And thank you for working on your program, with our SignWriting fonts, converting text to SignWriting using fsw.

>> This is an amazing development on github. I really enjoyed reading your discussion of Why SignWriting? Glad to know SignWriting works for you. Thank you for posting this SignWritingLaTeX github site:

>> https://github.com/dazitzel/SignWritingLaTeX
And I understand that you write on an ASL blog? And you are working with ASL University online? What is the link to the ASL Blog?

>> So I look forward to our future - this seems very promising

My (very intermittent) blog is attached to the Bible translation I shared (https://scribblingsonasl.wordpress.com/). It was a little more regular when corona virus didn't make homeschooling necessary.

I consistently discover that my spellings are a bit different than those done by native speakers, but I find both readable. In fact last week my youngest asked for an explanation of some SignWriting and then looked at my review and started "mumbling" the ASL next to me. So, yes, it works well for me.

Thank you.

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