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March 14, 2022

Hello SignWriting List, and AnnaGrace -

We had a mini-reunion of the Deaf Action Committee for SignWriting (the DAC) yesterday…. it was really a brunch and a lot of fun! Some of us had not seen each other for years and it was great to see each other again… and for me the reunion is still ongoing with friends here, and very nice to remember our past and look to the future…

Thank you for your questions, AnnaGrace -

I hope everyone will answer - not just me or Adam … I love the SignWriting List and hope we can have a lively list that really provides information for everyone with many teachers.

The symbols you mention in your question below, on page 164 in the textbook, are the “kissing” symbols...

They can be found in the ISWA 2010 Symbol Palette under Mouths… see attached screen capture… in SignMaker and SignPuddle…

What are the differences between the two smbols?

The first is the “position" of the lips in a kiss position.

The second, with the little arrows showing the movment of protruding forward, is the “movement” of protruding the lips forward.

So one is a position, and the other is a movement.

One is static, and the other is taking action.


> On Mar 11, 2022, at 5:35 PM, Ms. AnnaGrace <msannagrace20 at GMAIL.COM> wrote:
> On page 164 in the textbook, in the first column, on rows 5 and 6 -- could you tell me the difference between these two "kisses"?  I tried to look up SignWords that use these symbols in SignPuddle (Search by Symbols) but none came up.



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