Endangered Alphabets: Update and appeal

Brookes, Tim brookes at CHAMPLAIN.EDU
Sat Aug 6 18:56:03 UTC 2011

Dear Friends and Colleagues:

Ever since I began the Endangered Alphabets Project (see
http://www.endangeredalphabets.com) two years ago, it was my dream to take
it on a World Tour<that is, to display the exhibition in every country it
represents, to give prominence to the endangered script and raise discussion
about the importance of linguistic and cultural preservation.
As things stand, the countries I¹d visit would be Indonesia, Canada, the
United States, Vietnam, China, Liberia, Iraq, Israel, Mongolia, Guinea, Cote
d¹Ivoire, the Philippines, Bangladesh and Morocco. Maybe one or two others.
 Needless to say, I can¹t afford that on my own. Hence this appeal.
If you are at all interested in this endeavor, you could help in any of five
or possibly six ways.

* Please pass on this email to others you know with an interest in language
* If you feel able to make a financial contribution to the general costs,
you could go to 
ect/. For every donation you get some kind of Alphabets-related reward as a
* If you know of a gallery, college, university, library or other
institution in any of those countries that might want to host the Alphabets,
please let me know by email.
* If you know of any other endangered scripts in any other countries that
you think I should visit, by all means make that suggestion.
* If you know of funding agencies that might support my project, please let
me know!
* And if you happen to own an airline, please send me a ticket!

 Best wishes, and good luck with your valuable work.
P.S. I¹m very sorry if you get this message through another listserv as

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