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Anyone able to help a colleague in Nepal? If so, please write to the person directly, Ramesh Khatri <mmpd_khatri at yahoo.com>, not to the list (that is, do not hit "reply"). Thanks.


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> From: Ramesh Khatri <mmpd_khatri at yahoo.com>
> Date: 21 November 2011 9:09:32 PM AEDT
> To: ltba.email at gmail.com
> Subject: About Negativization in Tibeto-Burman Linguistics
> Dear Sir,
> I am pleased to announce that I am going to present a paper entitled "Negativization in Raji" in 32nd Annual Conference of Linguistic Society of Nepal. Though, I have collected adequate data on the topic I have problem in finalizing the paper. I would be grateful to you if you could suggest and send any works on negativization in TB or ST or any TB languages of Nepal, India or Tibet-China. I look forward to receiving your reply soon.Thank you.
> Ramesh Khatri
> Linguistic Survey of Nepal
> TU, Nepal

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