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New Book:
Gwendolyn Hyslop, Stephen Morey & Mark William Post, eds. North East Indian Linguistics - Volume 3, Cambridge University Press, 2011. Hardback: ISBN: 9788175967939 Pages: 276 Price: U.S. $ 35.00.

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North East Indian Linguistics Volume 3 presents the latest in descriptive and anthropological linguistic research on the languages of the North East Indian region. Long acknowledged to be among the culturally and linguistically richest and most diverse regions of all Asia, North East India also remains to this day one of the least well-studied and well-understood. The collection of papers in this volume directly address this problem by presenting description and analysis of a wide variety of phonological, syntactic, morphological, sociolinguistic and historical topics in the study of several languages of the region. This volume reflects the current state of research in North East Indian Linguistics on the parts of local, national and international scholars alike and will be of interest to linguists, anthropologists, and other  social scientists and general readers with an interest in the study,  preservation and appreciation of North East Indian cultural and linguistic  diversity.


About the Contributors
A Note from the Editors
The View from Manipur
1. Person-Marking Prefixes of Purum
2. The Evolution and Recent Development of the Meitei Mayek Script
The Sal Group
3. Three Meanings of "Language" and "Dialect" in North East India
4. An Initial Reconstruction of the Proto-Bodo-Garo Noun Phrase
5. Nocte and Jingphaw: Morphological Correspondences
6. Tangsa Agreement Markers
Tibeto-Burman Nominalization
7. Nominalization and Related Phenomena in Marma
8. Functions of Nominalization in Karbi
9. Topographical Deixis and the Tani Languages of North East India
10. Morphosyntactic Variation in the Pagro and Sa:ja Dialects of the Mising Community
Eastern Indo-Aryan
11. The Referring Systems and the Determinative Elements of Noun Phrases in Assamese
12. Copular Sentences in Asamiya
13. Case Marking in Hajong
14. Derivational Morphology in Pnar
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