LTBA 34.1 is now out!

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After some delay due to problems related to the printing, LTBA 34.1, April 2011, is now out!

In this issue we have
“The tones of numerals and numeral-plus-classifier phrases: On structural similarities between Naxi, Na and Laze” by Alexis Michaud,
“The representation of Tai onsets in Kammu loanwords”, by Jan-Olof Svantesson,
“The languages of Manipur: A case study of the Kuki-Chin languages” by Pauthang Haokip,
book reviews of
A grammar of Mongsen Ao, (review by James A. Matisoff)
Kinship in Southeastern Asia (Paul Benedict's PhD thesis; review by Robbins Burling),
Rabha (review by Kristine A. Hildebrandt),
Zangyu cizu yanjiu (A study on word families in Tibetan) (review by Guillaume Jacques),
Southern Lisu Dictionary (review by Thomas M. Tehan and William J. Hanna),
plus reports on MTBLS5/HLS16 and NEILS6.

For the full Table of Contents, see

We are also welcoming Kristine A. Hildebrandt to the LTBA Editorial Board!

I would also like to remind those who have fallen behind in their subscriptions to please follow through in your support for LTBA.

Thank you.


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