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Dear Colleagues,

Please circulate the following information regarding the University of
Melbourne McKenzie Fellowships to those who may be interested.  Melbourne
Research invites applications for the McKenzie Post-Doctoral Fellowship
Program 2012, for outstanding recent doctoral graduates to conduct research
at the university in areas of research priority. Applicants must have
graduated or have completed all the required steps to be eligible to
graduate with a PhD, from a university other than the University of
Melbourne (UoM), in the preceding 12 months, and must not hold a fixed term
or continuing appointment at UoM. Fellows will be employed at Level A.6 for
a maximum of 3 years and will receive $15,000 for travel and/or equipment.
Closing date is: 7 October 2011.

Applicants are assessed on the following criteria:
- Track record - (relative to opportunities);
- Project: including its appropriateness to the area in which it would
be located; and project outcomes
and how these will make possible strong opportunities for further
external funded fellowships or
academic employment;
- Contribution to research renewal and development in the university:
Applicants are asked to provide a statement of how their research will
contribute to strategic research directions and broader collaboration
and linkages in the university.

The University of Melbourne has research strengths of high caliber
across a broad range of disciplinary and interdisciplinary areas, and
its strategic research directions are developed both within faculties
and through cross-faculty and interdisciplinary and partner
collaborations. Information on strategic research directions can be
found on the faculty and university websites, and one or more of the
following sources of further information are recommended.

Please see
owships or email McKenzie-application at unimelb.edu.au for further

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