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Dear Linguist and/or North East Indianist, (sorry for multiple postings)

This email is to announce availability of the third volume in the series North East Indian Linguistics, the full reference for which is here:

Hyslop, Gwendolyn, Stephen Morey and Mark W. Post, Eds. (2011). North East Indian Linguistics Volume 3. New Delhi, Cambridge University Press India [276 pp., ISBN13: 9788175967939].

Here is the Table of Contents:

Chungkham Yashawanta Singh
The View from Manipur
Person-marking prefixes in Purum
H. Surmangol Sharma and N. Gopendro Singh
The evolution and recent development of the Meitei Mayek script
Harimohon Thounaojam Singh
The Sal Group
Three meanings of “language” and “dialect” in North East India
Robbins Burling
An initial reconstruction of the Proto-Bodo-Garo noun phrase
Daniel Wood
Nocte and Jingphaw: Morphological correspondences
Scott DeLancey
Tangsa agreement markers
Stephen Morey
Tibeto-Burman Nominalization
Nominalization and related phenomena in Marma
Huziwara Keisuke
Functions of nominalization in Karbi
Linda Konnerth
Topographical deixis and the Tani languages of North East India
Mark W. Post
Morphosyntactic variation in the Pagro and Sa:jaᶇ dialects of the Mising community
Jugendra Pegu
Eastern Indo-Aryan
The referring systems and the determinative elements of noun phrases in Assamese
Jagat Chandra Kalita
Copular sentences in Asamiya
Runima Chowdhary
Case marking in Hajong
Virginia Crowell Phillips
Derivational morphology and compounding in Pnar
Hemanga Dutta

Ordering information:

There are three ways of getting the book, depending on where you are. Methods (1)-(2) will yield a hardcover book at Rs. 795, while method (3) will yield a softcover book at $35-$50, depending on where you shop.

(1) In North East India, check with a major bookstore such as Modern Book Depot in Guwahati/Shillong, or contact Mr. Nayan Kakoty (North-East Regional Area Manager, Cambridge University Press India) directly on +91-361-265-7708 or +91-361-273-5336 to arrange payment and local delivery.

(2) Elsewhere in India, you may order directly from the website of Cambridge University Press India ( or from major Indian book distributors such as DK or Manoharlal. This method may also work for overseas customers, although there are sometimes difficulties with using international credit cards in India, so there is no guarantee of success.

(3) Internationally, you may order from any major book distributor, such as Amazon ( or The Book Depository, Abebooks, etc. It may also be possible to order from your regional CUP office directly, but the abovementioned methods seem likely to yield a book more quickly.

Review copies may be requested from Dr. Annie Hazarika, Publishing Manager at CUP India in Delhi, at ahazarika at

As with other volumes in the NEIL series, royalties from sales of NEIL3 will help to fund NEILS’ yearly conferences, as well as other NEILS projects (such as the recently-announced NILDA awards), so please be a good neighbour and request that your local university library purchase a copy.

With all our best,

Mark Post


Jyotiprakash Tamuli (Co-Chair, NEILS)
Stephen Morey (Co-Chair, NEILS)
Mark W. Post (Secretary, NEILS)
Gwendolyn Hyslop (NEIL Co-Editor)
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