3rd Workshop on Sino-Tibetan Languages of Sichuan

Guillaume Jacques rgyalrongskad at GMAIL.COM
Wed Jun 20 20:59:20 UTC 2012

The 3rd Workshop on Sino-Tibetan Languages of Sichuan will be held in
Paris, 2-4 Sept. 2013 under the auspices of CNRS (Centre National de la
Recherche Scientifique) <http://www.cnrs.fr/index.php>. The conference's
website is:

The aim of this workshop is to stimulate cross-fertilization of research
efforts on the large number of little-explored Sino-Tibetan languages and
dialects spoken in Sichuan and abutting areas. To what extent do features
shared by several languages of the area reflect deeply entrenched
borrowings? To what extent do they constitute retentions? These and other
intriguing questions prompted researchers at the Institute of Linguistics
at Academia Sinica to organize in 2008 a workshop dedicated specifically to
Tibeto-Burman Languages of
A second edition <http://ccl.pku.edu.cn/zmy/> of the workshop was hosted by
the Center for Chinese Linguistics of Peking University in 2010, with an
emphasis on "Principles and Practices of Reconstruction". This edition's
special focus is on "Sino-Tibetan Languages of Sichuan in their Areal
Context": in addition to studies of languages of Sichuan proper, we
encourage submissions about Sino-Tibetan languages of areas that border on
Sichuan. The conference will also include a panel on Rgyalrong and Kiranti
comparative morphosyntax.
Abstracts are invited on topics that include descriptions of phonetics and
phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics and pragmatics,
historical-comparative linguistics, typology, and field reports on recently
investigated languages.

Abstract submission deadline: Feb. 28th, 2013. (Abstract submission will be
opened as from from September 1st, 2012.)
Notification of acceptance: April 1st, 2013.

For further details, please refer to the conference's website:

We would be most grateful if you could pass on the information to
interested colleagues and students.
Guillaume Jacques

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