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Dear all,

The editors of *Asian Highlands Perspectives *are pleased to announce:

*AHP 19: A Nomad Girl's Changing Worlds*

Sonam Doomtso (b. 1987) describes her lived experiences and recollections
encompassing the first twenty years of her life. These include living on
the grassland in Sichuan Province, experiences with relatives and
neighbors; attending schools; moving to Lhasa; religious fasting;
pilgrimage; encounters with marmot hunters; attending school in Xining
City; and the death of her beloved grandfather.

Free PDF here<http://plateauculture.org/writing/nomad-girls-changing-worlds>

At-cost hardcover (15.98 USD)


CK Stuart,

Gerald Roche,

Tshe dbang rdo rje,

Timothy Thurston,

Rin chen rdo rje
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