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Mike Morgan mwmbombay at GMAIL.COM
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however, presumably, like all other BBC streamed broadcasts, it will
ONLY be viewable to people residing in the UK...

On 11/29/12, Gerald Roche <gjroche at> wrote:
> With apologies for cross-posting.
> I thought that you might be interested to know about a three-part series
> that Mark Turin is presenting on BBC Radio 4 on themes of language
> diversity, endangerment and policy that starts next week.
> The first episode, recorded in Nepal over the summer, airs from
> 11:00-11:30am GMT on Monday, 3 December, 2012. Alongside analogue and
> digital radio transmission in the UK, the programme will be streamed live
> online:
> <>.
> The series has its own set of web pages on the BBC site:
> <>
> Best,
> Gerald Roche

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