rGyalthang panel at IATS 2013

Nathan Hill nathanwhill at GMAIL.COM
Mon Oct 8 06:31:48 UTC 2012

Tibetology in rGyalthang.

rGyalthang(Ch: Xianggelilaand Shangri-la, formerly Zhongdian) (the Deqen
AutonomousPrefecture: Ch: Diqing Zangzu Zizhizhou,Tib: Bde-chen Bod-rigs
rang-skyong khul),in Yunnan Province, The People???s Republic of China, and in
the far southernreaches of Khams, has been the location and object of a wealth
of scholarlywork and investigation in recent decades. In a series of panels at
the XIIIth IATS Seminar in Ulaanbaatar,Mongolia (21-27.7.13), we seek to
highlight and present such research in order to fill a lacuna in Tibetology, and
to present the state-of-the field on a widerange of specific and
multi-disciplinary topics about rGyalthang.  Intentionally, the panel(s)
willreflect a breadth of topics from folkloristics to development, from
educationand linguistics to beekeeping practices, from oral history to
medicine, andbeyond.

Individuals whose research has focused on orpertains to rGyalthang are invited
to contact Eric D. Mortensen at ericdmort at yahoo.comif interested in
participating in our IATS seminar panel presentations.  We welcome rigorous
research topics on any field in Tibetology, broadly construed, including but not
limited to papers on monastic politics and the role of kangtsen-s,religious
practices and ritual, history, ethnography/ethnology involving any ofthe
peoples/nationalities of the region (Zang, Nosuo Yi, Bai, Lisu, Hui, Han,Pumi,
Derung, Nu, Miao, Laowai), Tibeto-Naxi and/or Tibeto-Yi comparativestudies,
contemporary economic dynamics and development, medicinal traditions,
linguistics,tourism in rGyalthang, literature, relationships between rGyalthang
and Muli (smi li) & Ganzi (dkar mdzes), ethology and ornithology, localart and
artistic practices, and identity politics.  In short, this series of panels is
intended to beinter disciplinary, multi-disciplinary, and focused on the ???area
studies??? ofr Gyalthang.  Interested individuals are asked to consult the call
for papers at:
ht1.htmlfor details about prerequisites and requirements for paper proposals.
Please contact Eric D. Mortensen (ericdmort at yahoo.com)with any questions.  Time
is, alas,of the essence??? we hope to hear from you soon.  Thank you.

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