H=?UTF-8?Q?=C3=A1ri_?=(1979) on Lhasa tones

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Dear Nathan,

I wrote a review of that book in 1985,
Mazaudon, M., 1985,review of Hari, Maria: /An Investigation of the tones 
of Lhasa Tibetan/, SIL, 1979, /LTBA/ 8 (1): 91-99.

I enclose a copy in case you find it usefull.

All the best

Martine Mazaudon

Le 10/10/2012 09:35, Nathan Hill a écrit :
> Dear all,
> I have never been able to track down this work. I wonder if anyone has
> access to it?
> Hári, Anna Mária (1979). An investigation of the tones of Lhasa
> Tibetan. Publisher: Huntington Beach, Calif. : Summer Institute of
> Linguistics.
> thanks,
> Nathan

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