Stephen Morey S.Morey at LATROBE.EDU.AU
Tue Apr 9 06:02:53 UTC 2013

Thank you Guillaume for pointing out that:

"Thus, I think that our community should value more the production of dictionaries and text collections including translations in the local national languages, not just in English (or even only in the local languages, without English), even if this kind of publication never get cited. Citation-based evaluation of academic productivity has a highly detrimental effect on the field, and evaluators should really make a special case for non-English publications intended for speakers of the endangered languages."

Here in Australia, the Australian Linguistics Society has set up a subcommittee to work out ways by which text corpora - annotated, analysed and curated - can be assessed and counted as research output just as articles in journals are. This follows on the recognition of the scholarly merit of Language Documentation by the Linguistics Society of America in 2010.

Once academics can get credit for this kind of work, we'll be able to put more time into it and this will be of benefit to communities in the long run as well.


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