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Dear all,

The journal *Asian Highlands Perspectives* is seeking book reviews for our
annual volume. Reviews must be received before June 15. See below for more
details and contact us if you are interested in writing a review –
ahpjournal at See for more about our
Asian Highlands Perspectives can provide copies of the following two books
for review:

Monisha Ahmed & John Bray, eds. *Recent Research on Ladakh 2009*. Kargil &
Leh: International Association of Ladakh Studies. 183 pp. illus.
John Bray & Elena De Rossi Filibeck, eds. 2009. *Mountains, Monasteries and
Mosques. Recent Research on Ladakh and the Western Himalaya*. Supplement
No. 2 to Rivista degli Studi Orientali 80 (New Series). Pisa & Rome:
Sapienza, Università di Roma, Dipartimento di Studi Orientali. ISBN:
8862271883. ISBN-13: 9788862271882

*Asian Highlands Perspectives *cannot provide copies of the following
books, but welcomes reviews from anyone who has access to these works. We
also welcome reviews of any other materials not listed here that are
relevant to the journal's purview as described on our website. We
especially welcome reviews of materials written in languages other than

Adams, V, et al. (eds.) 2013. *Medicine Between Science and Religion:
Explorations on Tibetan Grounds*.* *Berghana Books.
Akasov, A, et al. (eds.). 2010. *Islam and Tibet: Interactions Along the
Musk Routes*. Ashgate.
Betts, Vanessa and David Stott. 2011. *Northeast India Handbook*. Footprint
Bindloss et al. 2009. *Lonely Planet Northeast India.* Lonely Planet.
Brandon Dotson, Kalsang Norbu Gurung, Georgios Halkias and Tim Myatt (eds).
2009. *Contemporary Visions in Tibetan Studies: Proceedings of the First
International Seminar of Young Tibetologists*. Chicago: Serindia
Campbell, Ben. 2012. *Living Between Jupiter and Palm: Nature, Culture, and
Power in the Himalayas*. New York: Oxford University Press.
Chao, Emily. 2012. *Lijiang Stories: Shamans, Taxi Drivers, and Runaway
Brides in Reform-era China*. Seattle: University of Washington Press.
Clemens et. al. 2013. *Sustainable Land Use and Rural Development in
Southeast Asia: Innovations and Policies for Mountainous Areas*.
Colfer and Pfund. 2011. *Collaborative Governance of Tropical Landscapes*.
Das, Samir Kumar. 2013. *Governing India's Northeast Frontier. *Springer.
Fernandez-Gimenez, M, et al. (eds.). 2012. *Restoring Community Connections
to the Land: Building Resilience Through Community-Based Rangeland
Management in China and Mongolia. *CABI.
Fewkes, Jacqueline. 2008. *Trade and Contemporary Society Along the Silk
Road: An Ethno-History of Ladakh*. London: Routledge.
Fijn, Natasha. 2011. *Living With Herds: Human-Animal Co-Existence in
Mongolia*. Cambridge University Press.
Glover, Denise et al. 2011. *Explorers and Scientists in China's
Borderlands, 1880-1950. *Seattle: University of Washington Press.
Gerke, Barbara. 2011. *Long Lives and Untimely Deaths: Lifespan Concepts
and Longevity Practices among Tibetans in the Darjeeling Hills, India*.
Leidin: Brill.
Guneratne, Arjun (ed). 2010. *Culture and the Environment in the Himalaya*.
London: Routledge.
Hangartner, Judith. 2011. *The Constitution and Contestation of Darhad
Shamans' Power in Contemporary Mongolia*. Leiden: Brill.
Harris, Tina. 2013. *Geographical Diversions: Tibetan Trade, Global
Transactions*. University of Georgia Press.
Huber, Toni and Stuart Blackburn (eds). 2012. Origins and Migrations in the
Extended Eastern Himalayas. Leiden: Brill.
Jacobs, Julian. 2012. *The Nagas: Hill People of Northeast India*. London:
Thames Hudson.
Jangbu (translated by Heather Stoddard). 2010. *The Nine-Eyed Agate:
Stories and Poems*. New York: Lexington Books.
Johnson, David. 2009. *Spectacle and Sacrifice: The Ritual Foundations of
Village Life in North China.* Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Asia Center.
Karakauer, Jon. 2011. *Three Cups of Deceit: How Greg Mortenson,
Humanitarian Hero, Lost His Way. *Anchor.
Lawoti, Mahendra and Susan Hangen (eds). 2012. *Nationalism and Ethnic
Conflict in Nepal: Identities and Mobilization after 1990.* London:
Lecomte-Tilouine, Marie (ed). 2009. *Bards and Mediums: History, Culture
and Politics in the Central Himalayan Kingdoms*. Almora: Almora Book Depot.
Lecomte-Tilouine, Marie. 2010. *Nature, Religion, and Culture at the
Crossroads of Asia*. Social Science Press.
Ma Jianxiong. 2012. *The Lahu Minority in Southwest China: A Response to
Ethnic Marginalization on the Frontier*. London: Routledge.
Meriam, Beth. 2011. *China's 'Tibetan' Frontiers: Sharing the Contested
Ground*. Leiden: Brill.
Millward, James. 2009. *Eurasian Crossroads: A History of Xinjiang*. New
York: Columbia University Press.
Mueggler, Eric. 2011. *The Paper Road: Archive and Experience in the
Botanical Exploration of West China and Tibet*. Berkeley: University of
California Press.
Mullaney, Thomas, James Leibold, Stephan Gros, and Eric Bussche (eds).
2012. *Critical Han Studies: The History, Representation, and Identity of
China's Majority*. Berkeley: University of California Press.
Mullard, Saul. 2011. *Opening the Hidden Land: State Formation and the
Construction of Sikkimese History*. Leiden: Brill.
Myint-U, Thant. 2012. *Where China Meets India: Burma and the New
Crossroads of Asia*. Farrar, Strauss, and Giroux.
Niang, Cecile et al. (eds). 2013. *Connecting the Disconnected: Coping
Strategies of the Financially Excluded in Bhutan*. World Bank Publications.
Pedersen, Morten Axel. 2011. *Not Quite Shamans: Spirit Worlds and
Political Lives in Northern Mongolia*. Cornell University Press.
Pfaff, Czarnecka and Gerard Toffin (eds). 2011. *The Politics of Belonging
in the Himalayas: Local Attachments and Boundary Dynamics. *New York: Sage
Ross, Lisa. 2013. *Living Shrines of Uyghur China: Photographs by Lisa Ross.
* The Monacelli Press.
Sabloff, Paula. 2011. *Mapping Mongolia: Situating Mongolia in the World
from Geologic Time to the Present. *University of Pennsylvania Museum of
Archaeology and Anthropology
Sax, William. *God of Justice: Ritual Healing and Social Justice in the
Central Himalayas*. Oxford: Oxford University Press.
Saxer, Martin. 2013. *Manufacturing Tibetan Medicine: The Creation of an
Industry and the Moral Economy of Tibetanness. *Berghana Books.
Scott, James. 2009. *The Art of Not Being Governed: An Anarchist History of
Upland Southeast Asia*. New Haven: Yale University Press.
Sharma, A. 2013. *The Sherthukpens of Arunachal Pradesh: A Narrative of
Cultural Heritage and Folklore*. Aryan Books.
Shih, Chuan-kang. 2009. *Quest for Harmony: The Moso Traditions of Sexual
Union and Family Life. *Stanford University Press.
Singh, Chetan. 2011. *Recognizing Himalayan Diversity: Society and Culture
in the Himalaya*. Oxford: Oxford University Press.
Sikor, Thomas. 2011. *Upland Transformations in Vietnam*. NUS Press.
Swancutt, Katherine. 2012. *Fortune and the Cursed: The Sliding Scale of
Time in Mongolian Divination*. Berghana Books.
Templeman, David (ed). 2010. *New Views on Tibetan Culture*. Caulfield:
Monash University Press.
Turin, Mark and Bettina Zeisler (eds). 2011. *Himalayan Languages and
Linguistics: Studies in Phonology, Semantics, Morphology, and Syntax*.
Leiden: Brill.
van Spengen, Wim and Lama Jabb (eds). 2009. Studies in the History of
Eastern Tibet. Halle: IITBS.
Zhama, Margaret. 2013. *Emerging Literature from Northeast India: The
Dynamics of Culture, Society, and Identity*. New York: Sage.

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