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Hi Scott,
I don't have the complete paradigm but here's the inc;/excl.
nai seems to be like the Mizo min

Ralte paradigm showing incl/excl

ka-V    ka-       V-      uh        i-          V-      uh
1S      1INCL-            PL      1EXCL-           PL



2 person examples from archaic Mizo forms

\ref 1
\tx r̥é        hèk   lòw    ìː
\mb r̥ǐa      hèk   lòw    iː
\ge know   at.all NEG  2sg

\ft "I certainly didn't know' (nobody told me)

\ref 2
\tx   sǒj    tà        cêː
\mb sǒj    tâː       cé
\ge  say   Expct  2o
\ft 'Say it (what are you waiting for)!'

\ref 3
\tx   sǒj  mà     tà      cêː
\mb sǒj  mà     tâː      cé
\ge  say NEG  Expct  2o

\ft 'Don't say it (keep it a secret)!'

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> For anyone coming to ICSTLL at Dartmouth (or anybody else), the paper I
> will be giving, "Second person verb forms in Tibeto-Burman" is up on the
> conference site at
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