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The editors of *Asian Highlands Perspectives* are pleased to announce AHP
26: *Tibetan Nomad Childhood*.

Karma Donrub's (Kar+ma don 'grub) life begins on the boundless Tibetan
grassland in 1983 in Yushu (Yul shul) Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture,
Qinghai (Mtsho sgnon) Province. Living in a black yak hair tent, Karma
Dondrub begins tending his family's yak calves as soon as he can walk, in a
grassland so barren that he is startled upon first seeing a tree at the age
of eight. Charlatan livestock-stealing monks, anthrax, death, birth,
happiness, and encounters with modern education create a powerful,
unparalleled account of Tibetan nomad childhood in the late twentieth
century - a way of life that will soon be forever gone.

This new volume is available as an at-cost hardcover book:

and as a free PDF:


Karma Dondrub's novel is a heart-rending account of growing up in a stark
landscape as a Tibetan lad. Particularly touching is how he deals with the
disenchantment of his first love. This is a book that will definitely
transport the reader into a different time, place, and mind. *Victor Mair,
University of Pennsylvania*

This authentic account of life on the grasslands is valuable for its detail
and depth of insight, and more so because it is written in the first
person, by a young Tibetan from a nomad family. Religion, social and
political structures, and the realities of life and death in the Tibetan
highlands are described in frank, straightforward language. A useful book
for western students and scholars. *Paul Nietupski, John Carroll
University, Cleveland, Ohio USA*

Karma Dondrub narrates truly captivating tales of his life growing up on
the grasslands of Eastern Tibet. He paints a picture that highlights the
turbulent and wonderful experiences of youth. *Douglas Duckworth, Florida
State University*

A rare look into a little known part of the world through the eyes of a
local young man coming of age. Interlaced with folktales, anecdotes, and
real-life horrors and triumphs, the narrative stirs the readers'
imagination and augments understanding of a remote and challenging way of
life. *Keith Dede, Lewis & Clark*

With each turn of the page the color of the land, customs, and culture of
the Tibetan nomad people playfully comes to life. Journey high on the
Tibetan Plateau with Karma Dondrub as your guide, and experience life in
this remote part of the world. Thoroughly enjoyable. *Dave Webb, University
of Western Australia*

This is an extraordinarily revealing account of the true life of a young
Tibetan man and of the lifestyle from which he has grown. A grand work of a
true lived life. *Huadan Zhaxi, Humbolt University, Berlin*


AHP Editors
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