Paper on Chinese -r by Pan Wuyun

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this is part of Pan's 自选集 (pp. 312-44), which you can download here:

If you need the original version  from 東方語言与文化, I can scan it for
you on Thursday. Alternatively, write to 潘老 at <pwy at> --
I'm sure he will be happy to send you a copy.



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> I wonder if anyone on this list has access to the following paper. I
> am having a devil of a time getting my hands on it.
> Pān Wùyún 潘悟云 (2002). "流音考 Liúyīn kǎo”. 東方語言与文化 dōngfāng yǔyán yǔ
> wénhuà. Shanghai: 東方出版中心 Dōngfāng chūbǎn zhōngxīn. 118-146.
> Thanks,
> Nathan

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