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Subject: Announcing NEIL Volume 5

Dear Listmembers,

This is to announce international availability of North East Indian Linguistics Volume 5. Edited by Gwendolyn Hyslop, Stephen Morey, and Mark Post and with a foreword by Kazuyuki Kiryu, NEIL5 is the latest volume in the NEIL series, and the final NEIL volume to be published by Cambridge University Press India (future volumes will be published as open access ebooks by Pacific Linguistics). 

To order copies of North East Indian Linguistics Volume 5 within India, please visit CUP India's website, or ask your local bookseller to order by ISBN-10: 9789382264729.

Overseas, NEIL5 may be found at online retailers such as Amazon.com. However, it is now also possible (and considerably cheaper!) to order NEIL volumes directly from Indian booksellers via Abebooks.com, where copies can be had for around USD $30-$40 including international shipping. 

As always, royalties from the sale of NEIL5 will contribute to the funding of the North East Indian Linguistics Society's activities in North East India, including student and community workshops, NILDA awards, and student conference travel grants. So, please be a good samaritan and ask your local university library to purchase a copy, and consider reviewing the volume for your favourite journal!

With our best regards,



Gwendolyn Hyslop
Stephen Morey
Mark W. Post
The Editors, North East Indian Linguistics

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