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Basanta Doley drbasantakumardoley at GMAIL.COM
Sun May 19 09:28:43 UTC 2013

Dear Gerald,
I am extremely glad to learn that Yi Na, a young Tibetan linguist from
China has been accepted into the University of Oregon to study a BA in
linguistics. But at the same time, I am equally sad to know her family
background that is substantially impossible to provide money for her
study abroad. It pains me to think if she is made to give up her dream
of study only because of lack of money! Under such circumstances, I
personally entreat the University of Oregon authority to provide the
promising young girl, Yi Na with a tuition waiver.

Dr. Basanta Kumar Doley
drbasantakumardoley at
Assam Public Service Commission

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>> Subject: requesting a letter of support
>> Date: May 19, 2013 2:37:58 PM GMT+08:00
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>> Dear all,
>> I'm writing to ask you for a letter of support for a young Tibetan
>> linguist from China. Yi Na is a speaker of the Rgyalrongic Lavrung
>> language. She has written a book on the oral traditions of her community:
>> Yi Na has been accepted into the University of Oregon to study a BA in
>> linguistics, and plans to continue documenting her language. However, her
>> family is unable to afford the tuition, and so I'm currently requesting
>> letters of support to help persuade the university to provide Yi Na with a
>> tuition waiver.
>> It really would make a big difference to Yi Na's case if you could provide
>> a letter outlining the value of her work and her potential contribution to
>> linguistics. For those of you not already familiar with Yi Na's work,  I
>> am attaching a document here with further information about Yi Na, her
>> work, and her proposed studies. I personally feel that having community
>> members document their own languages is very important. I also know Yi Na
>> and can vouch for her intellectual ability.
>> This is Yi Na's only and final chance at receiving a tertiary education.
>> Despite her impressive achievements and great intellectual promise, Yi Na
>> has not even formally graduated from high school.
>> Please send any letters of support to me before May 26, i.e., within the
>> next seven days.
>> I would also appreciate it if you could forward this request to anyone who
>> would be willing to provide a letter of support for this gifted young
>> scholar.
>> Many thanks,
>> Gerald

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