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Nicolas Graux nicolasgraux at HOTMAIL.COM
Tue Nov 26 14:15:37 UTC 2013

Dear all,

In the context of a documentary research dealing with Akha people from Northern Laos, I am looking for an Akha/English or Akha/French speaker.

My project focuses on the mutations taking place in a small and remote Akha village located in Phongsali province, near the China border. As a young documentarist, I am personally very sensitized to the teenage Akha generation and how they see themselves between a still secluded and archaic way of life and the promises of modernity coming from the outside.
Last year, I have spent a few weeks in this village, until a close relation with the villagers was established. I can speak Lao to a certain extent, but it proved to be unsufficient to have a real communication going on with Akha speakers.

I now need to go back to the village and carry on my research with an interpreter. I am looking for someone who could become my closest colleague and companion during my next research trip.

In order to make this project possible, I have received funding from the Belgian Film Commission and I work within the frame a professional Brussels-based film production company.

Could you please forward my message to any competent person you may know ? Any help, information or comment will be most welcome !! Please feel free to contact me using the following email adress : nicolasgraux at hotmail.com.

Thank you very much.
Nicolas Graux
2 rue Vanderschrick
1060 Bruxelles
+32(0)494 61 44 34
nicolasgraux at hotmail.com

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