New from Asian Highlands Perspectives. AHP 25: Jahzong - Tibetan Tribal Leader

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Dear all,

The editors of *Asian Highlands Perspectives* are pleased to announce *AHP
25: Jahzong – Tibetan Tribal Leader*.

This novel, in English and Tibetan, is set on the eastern Tibetan Plateau
in the era prior to 1949. It traces the life of a young man, Jahzong, from
his dramatic childhood, following him in his struggles to unite local
warring tribes and bring peace to his people.

This volume is available as an at-cost hard copy:

or free PDF:

"An electrifying, revelatory experience. In it, we learn much about the
lives of Tibetan tribal groups that cannot be found in any academic
treatise." *Victor H. Mair, Professor, University of Pennsylvania,

"A rare insight into an intriguing world of violence and compassion that
has all but disappeared." *Fernanda Pirie, Oxford University*

"A treasure. A window to the past and present of a dynamic Tibetan culture.
A story full of life flowing with harsh reality and vivid
imagination." *Douglas
Duckworth, Florida State University*

"Ethnographic and immediate, Guru's novel brings readers into a world of
Eastern Tibetans generations ago. The spell-binding chain of events echoes
the dynamics of traditional heroic epic and folktale." *Mark Bender, The
Ohio State University*


The Editors
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