Post-docs for TB-ists available at University of New England

Mark W. Post markwpost at GMAIL.COM
Tue Sep 10 03:29:47 UTC 2013

Dear Listmembers,

An opportunity has suddenly come up for outstanding recent PhDs (or 
nearly-complete PhDs with an outstanding publications record) to apply 
for a competitive post-doctoral fellowship at the University of New 
England in Armidale, Australia. The fellowships are not being advertised 
openly, but are rather subject to nomination from UNE faculty. So, I'd 
like to invite any interested TB listmembers (or their students) who 
might be interested in applying for one of these fellowships to contact 
me at the earliest possible opportunity to express their/your interest 
in applying. In a nutshell, the post-docs are three years in duration, 
at UNE "Level A" (currently around AUD $72,000 ~ 79,000/annum plus a 17% 
superannuation (pension) contribution), to begin Feb. 1, 2014. 
Applicants should be able to outline a well-researched 3-year project 
proposal - ideally, though not necessarily, involving primary fieldwork 
on a Tibeto-Burman or westerly Austroasiatic language.

Nominations must be forwarded by September 20, so don't delay getting in 
touch with me if you think you (or your student) may be interested in 
applying. Email me a complete CV and brief (2-paragraph or so) project 
description/proposal by Monday, Sep 16 at the latest. Note that this 
would not constitute a full application. Full applications would later 
be submitted in conjunction with the prospective supervisor (which need 
not be me), by 15 November.

Please *do not* circulate this announcement further, as we don't 
currently have the resources to handle a large number of applicants.

Thanks in advance, and sorry for the short notice!


Dr. Mark W. Post
Bldg E11 Linguistics BCSS
University of New England
Armidale NSW 2351

EML: markwpost at
TEL: +61-2-6773-2042

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