new from Asian Highlands Perspectives. V30: A Namuyi Tibetan Woman's Journey from Chinese Village, Indian City, to Beijing

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Dear all,

The editors of Asian Highlands Perspectives are pleased to announce a new
volume; *A Namuyi Tibetan Woman's Journey from Chinese Village to Indian
City to Beijing*.

In this volume, Li Xiaoqiong (Drolma), a Namuyi Tibetan from Lianshan Yi
Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan Province describes her childhood; parents;
paternal grandmother's early life and death; village life including
children's games, tending horses, and herding yaks; her experiences at
primary school; a surrogate grandfather; her youngest brother; local lunar
New Year festivities; her time at middle school including a special friend
and love letters; her schooling at Qinghai Normal University in Xining
City; her time in India including college experiences, travels, working in
an NGO, and working at a call center in Delhi; and her return to China.
Also included are two original poems, three stories by Li Xiaoqiong's
grandmother, and photographs of Li Xiaoqiong's village and of her time in

This new volume is available as an at-cost hard copy from Lulu (USD
12.13): *

And as a free PDF:

We hope you enjoy this new publication.

The Editors of AHP
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