Ladakh and Helena Norberg Hodge

Bettina Zeisler zeis at UNI-TUEBINGEN.DE
Fri Aug 1 16:50:41 UTC 2014

as an addition to my last post:

Information on Helena-Norbergs projects can be found under:
(BTW, many Ladakhis are sceptical about the overly ideal picture of the past)

I am not very convinced about the last project from what I hear about  
it here, but the first two seem to be quite effective (if a drop on a  
hot stone can be effective).

However, I have seen many solar stoves standing in a corner of the  
court yard, protected by a piece of cloth, they are definitely not  
used during spring, summer, and autumn, and I wonder whether they are  
used at least in winter. Apart from SECMOL, where two very large  
mirrors are used for cooking, I have never seen anybody using the  
solar stoves, unlike 20 years ago in Lhasa where teakettles on the  
Chinese parabol stoves on the roofs were a common sight.

Information on SECMOL can be found under

Greetings from Ladakh
Bettina Zeisler

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