[Tibeto-burman-linguistics] 48th International Conference on Sino-Tibetan Languages and Linguistics

Randy LaPolla randy.lapolla at gmail.com
Wed Dec 3 04:44:04 UTC 2014

From Prof. James A. Matisoff:

It is a pleasure to announce that the 48th International Conference on Sino-Tibetan Languages and Linguistics will take place at the University of California, Santa Barbara, on August 21-23, 2015, hosted by Prof. Carol Genetti of the UCSB Linguistics Department. Papers on all aspects of the Sino-Tibetan languages will be welcome, including topics both synchronic and diachronic, phonological, grammatical, semantic, and pragmatic. Also encouraged are papers dealing with other great language families of East and Southeast Asia (Tai-Kadai, Hmong-Mien, Mon-Khmer), especially from the viewpoint of their contact with Sino-Tibetan. Pre-conference Workshops on specific topics can also be arranged.

Circulars with information on deadlines for Abstracts, registration procedures, local accommodations, etc., will be distributed at intervals starting early in 2015.

It should also be said that Santa Barbara, located north of Los Angeles on an especially scenic part of the California coastline that runs from west to east, enjoys beautiful weather in late August!

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