[Tibeto-burman-linguistics] Question regarding unpublished (?) Luce monograph

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Hi Tyler
Check out page 11 of my monograph here for some context behind the fate of that publication:
In the bibliography, I list a bunch of Luce's work (published and unpublished). I probably have a pdf of anything you can't find in your library or on Sealang so just give me a shout and I'll try to provide you with what you need.
Best wishes,

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    I hope everyone is doing well!  I'm currently collecting documents
    and data regarding Kuki-Chin, and upon reading a paper written by
    Gordon H. Luce:


    Luce, G. H. 1959. Chin hills - linguistic tour (Dec. 1954) -
    university project. Paper

    presented at the Burma Research Society xlii.1: 19-31, July 26,


    I found that a lot of data he talks about regarding similarity
    between the Kuki-Chin languages was to be written in a monograph
    entitled Common Form in Burma Chin Languages.  I've searched
    the internet quite a bit and all I've found was a handwritten note
    on Sealang to a Dr. Htin Aung regarding the book, but not the actual
    book itself.  Would anyone here have access to it, and if so, could
    you please advise me how to get access for myself?


    Much appreciated,


    Tyler Davis

    Indiana University - Purdue University Fort Wayne

    Undergraduate Student - German


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