[Tibeto-burman-linguistics] Tyler Davis' Honors Term Paper: Critiques and Suggestions requested

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Mon Dec 22 21:17:19 UTC 2014

TBL Listserv:

As many of you know, I am a recently-graduated B.A. student.  My major 
was German, but I studied Linguistics -- with the particular interest in 
SEA languages -- both independently and as my minor subject.  When I was 
given the opportunity to choose a topic that was outside of my major to 
complete the Honors program at my university, I decided to pursue my 
interest in Kuki-Chin.  With the assistance of several academics, a few 
of whom are members of this Listserv, I was able to write this paper 
that I've included as an attachment here.  If anyone is willing, I would 
like to receive constructive criticism from multiple individuals, in 
order to see if there is a way I can modify this term paper into a 
format suitable for presenting at a linguistics conference or perhaps 
publication.  I would be grateful to anyone who is willing to help in 
this regard.  If you decide to critique the paper, in lieu of responding 
to this ListServ message, please message me privately, so as to save 
everyone's inboxes.

I wish everyone a "sweet December", as they say in Myanmar/Burma.

Tyler Davis

P.S. I've included both the PDF with the fonts embedded, and a DOC for 
those who like to make the side-comments.  For those who need the fonts, 
they are "Charis SIL", "Doulos SIL", and "Padauk Book". All of which are 
available from SIL's website.
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