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The editors of Asian Highlands Perspectives are pleased to announce a new
volume; Mushroom Ghosts, Belligerent Yaks, and Cranberry Cocktails: A Brag
'go Woman's Early Life.

 In this volume, Tshes bcu lha mo, a native of Nor bu khug Village (Brag
'go Township, Brag 'go County Town, Dkar mdzes Prefecture,Sichuan Province,
China) writes about her mother, her grandmother, and her great grandmother.
She also describes her own childhood, including herding adventures, being
attacked by a yak, education at home and in school, medical care, attending
school in Zi ling (Xining), working in Lha sa and elsewhere in China, and
attending school in the USA.

This new volume is available as an at-cost hard copy from Lulu (USD 16.85):

And as a free PDF:

We hope you enjoy this new publication.

The Editors of AHP
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