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Cairang Duojie ཚེ་རིང་རྡོ་རྗེ། (b. 1988) is an undergraduate student majoring in Visual and Media Studies at Duke University. He is a native of Jianzha County གཅན་ཚ in Qinghai Province, China. He has just completed a short documentary film – GOLDEN WORM. This film explores how tradition dims for Tibetan farmers and herdsmen as modernization envelops them in western China. Survival is challenged when economic considerations become paramount and collecting a local resource - caterpillar fungus - yields far more income than manual labor. This film provides rare insight into the lives and realities of those directly involved in the collection of caterpillar fungus. The film is entirely in Amdo Tibetan with English subtitles.

Contact Cairang Duojie at Philm4ever at<mailto:Philm4ever at>

GOLDEN WORM may be viewed at,


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