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*Asian Highlands Perspectives *(*AHP*) is seeking articles and book reviews
for its sixth annual collection of essays.

About *AHP*:

*AHP* is a peer reviewed, open access, trans-disciplinary journal focusing
on the Tibetan Plateau and surrounding regions, including the Southeast
Asian Massif, Himalayan Massif, the Extended Eastern Himalayas, the
Mongolian Plateau, and other contiguous areas. Cross-regional commonalities
in history, culture, language, and socio-political context invite
investigations of an interdisciplinary nature not served by current
academic forums. *AHP* contributes to the regional research agendas of
Sinologists, Tibetologists, Mongolists, and South and Southeast Asianists,
while also forwarding theoretical discourse on grounded theory,
interdisciplinary studies, and collaborative scholarship.

*AHP* welcomes a wide range of submissions from those with an interest in
the area. Given the dearth of current knowledge of this culturally complex
area, we encourage submissions of descriptive accounts of local
realities – especially by authors from communities in the Asian
Highlands – as well as theory-oriented articles. We publish items of
irregular format – long articles, short monographs, photo essays, fiction,
auto-ethnography, etc. Authors receive a PDF version of their published
work. Potential contributors are encouraged to consult previous issues.


Expressions of interests: 20 February 2014

First drafts: 1 May 2014

Expected publication: late 2014

*AHP* is also seeking reviewers for the following books. Reviews will be
published on a rolling basis throughout the year, and hence we will accept
reviews at any time. Those completed before October 15, 2014 will also be
included in our annual volume. Please check with us first to ensure your
selected book is not already under review.

Bhalla, AS and Dan Luo. 2012. *Poverty and Exclusion of Minorities in China
and India.*

Boomgaard, Peter. 2013. *Frontiers of Fear: Tigers and People in the Malay
World, 1600-1950*.

Chio, Jenny. 2014. *A Landscape of Travel: The Work of Tourism in Rural
Ethnic China.*

Davis, Elizabeth Van Wie. 2012. *Ruling, Resources and Religion in China:
Managing the Multiethnic State in the 21st Century.*

Donaldson, John A. 2011. *Small Works: Poverty and Economic Development in
Southwestern China. *

Dryburgh and Sarah Dauncey. 2013. *Writing Lives in China, 1600-2010:
Histories of the Elusive Self. *

Gendun Chopel (Thupten Jinpa and Donald S Lopez, trans). 2014. *Grains of
Gold: Tales of a Cosmopolitan Traveler.*

Godehardt, Nadine. 2014. *The Chinese Constitution of Central Asia: Regions
and Intertwined Actors in International Relations. *

Goswami, Uddipana. 2013. *Conflict and Reconciliation: The Politics of
Ethnicity in Assam.*

Guo, Rongxing. 2013. *China's Ethnic Minorities: Social and Economic
Indicators. *

Hangen, Susan I. 2010. *The Rise of Ethnic Politics in Nepal: Democracy in
the Margins. *

Harwood, Russell. 2013. *China's New Socialist Countryside: Modernity
Arrives in the Nu River Valley.*

Hayes, Jack Patrick. 2013. *A Change in Worlds on the Sino-Tibetan
Borderlands: Politics, Economies, and Environments in Northern Sichuan. *

Kaplonski, Chirstopher. 2014. *Truth, History and Politics in Mongolia:
Memory of Heroes.*

Laruelle, Marlene, et al. (eds). 2010. *China and India in Central Asia: A
New "Great Game"?*

Lawoti, Mahendra and Anup Kumar Pahari. 2012. *The Maoist Insurgency in
Nepal: Revolution in the Twenty-First Century.*

Lawoti, Mahendra and Susan I Hangen. 2012. *Nationalism and Ethnic Conflict
in Nepal: Identities and Mobilization after 1990.*

Marks, Robert B. 2012. *China: Its Environment and History*.

Morozova, Irina Y. 2009.* Socialist Revolutions in Asia: The Social History
of Mongolia in the 20th Century.*

Neuhaus, Thomas. 2012. *Tibet in the Western Imagination.*

Saikia, Arupjyoti. 2013. *A Century of Protests: Peasant Politics in Assam
Since 1900.*

Schaeffer, Kurtis R, Matthew T Kapstein, and Gray Tuttle (eds). 2013. *Sources
of Tibetan Tradition. *

Tuttle, Gray and Kurtis R Schaeffer. 2013. *The Tibetan History Reader. *

Wang Luolin and Ling Zhu. 2013. *Breaking Out of the Poverty Trap: Case
Studies from the Tibetan Plateau, Yunnan, Qinghai, and Gansu. *

Weinstein, Jodi L. 2013. *Empire and Identity in Guizhou: Local Resistance
to Qing Expansion. *

Yeh, Emily T and Chris Coggins. 2014. *Mapping Shangrila: Contested
Landscapes in the Sino-Tibetan Borderlands. *

For more information on *AHP,* visit

Please contact us with any questions: ahpjournal at


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