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Hi everyone,
Bénédicte Parvaz Ahmad (inshaparvaz at gmail.com) is trying to identify the language spoken in a film. Here is her message, which I am just relaying.

''I'm looking for somebody who understands the language spoken in theses short audio-extracts. The video shooting from which they are excerpted took place in the district of Hayuliang, Arunachal Pradesh, 5 km from Chakla. I guess it is in Mishmi or Zarkhing, spoken there, but I am not sure. These extracts belong to a video documentary in which extracts in this language are much longer. 
In the first extract, two old women are in a field, collecting opium from poppy plants.
In the second, men are smoking opium in a house.
Thank you for your help,
Benedicte Parvaz Ahmad
inshaparvaz at gmail.com ''

Please contact directly Bénédicte if you have an idea.
Françoise Robin
Tibetan Studies
Paris, France

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