[Tibeto-burman-linguistics] Survey of reported speech evidential particles in TB - your help appreciated

Lauren Gawne lauren.gawne at gmail.com
Tue Aug 4 13:07:47 UTC 2015

Dear Colleagues,

I’m putting together a survey of reported speech evidential particles in
Tibeto-Burman languages. I’ve built the current data set from the
literature, and now hope to consult your collected wisdom. These forms are
usually monosyllabic particles or clitics that take no additional
morphology that has an evidential function that could be called ‘reported
speech’, ‘quotative’ or ‘hearsay’. Of course, these forms do not behave the
same way in every language, and there is some variation in the features I
just described.

This is the data I have located to date. As you can see there are many
languages for which I have no references (or references are difficult to
come by, or in a language I do not read):


I’ve used the Ethnologue family groupings. Although I realise they are
limited they are not the main focus of my study. Below is the same data in
map form. Hover over a point for language name and click on a point for
more information:


If you are able to add information about reported speech evidentiality in
any language you work with, or have access to resources on, I would love to
hear from you. Please feel free to email me (preferably at lg21 at soas.ac.uk)
or complete this 10 minute survey:


Alternatively, if you have access to a resource that I haven't mentioned
and you're able to share them with me, I would be grateful.

Also, the map data above is taken from Glottolog, and I know that not all
of it is correct. If you would like to correct any of the map values please
use this form:


I will pass this information on to the Glottolog team, so that your
contribution has lasting benefit.

If you are able to contribute credit will be duly given. I will write again
in a month’s time with an updated data set and map and a detailed
typological comparison will be published (with all the speed that academic
publishing is known for).

Many thanks in advance,


Dr. Lauren Gawne
ELDP Post-Doctoral Fellow
Department of Linguistics, SOAS
Thornhaugh Street, Russell Square
London WC1H 0XG
United Kingdom
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