[Tibeto-burman-linguistics] Bear and fawns / Bear and Rabbit

Scott Delancey delancey at uoregon.edu
Mon Jun 15 00:34:33 UTC 2015


In Asian Highlands Perspectives | PlateauCulture.org [1] there are two
versions of a folktale "Bear and Rabbit", on Khroskyabs (Lavrung) and
one Amdo Tibetan: 



Two mothers, Bear and Rabbit, live together with their children. Bear
kills and eats Rabbit. Rabbit-child kills Bear-child in revenge, flees
with Mother Bear pursuing, is rescued by another kindly animal with whom
he claims kinship. 

Does anybody know of other versions/sources of this tale? 

Scott DeLancey 

[1] http://www.plateauculture.org/asian-highlands-perspectives
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