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Yes - very interesting. I have a couple of questions/comments too:

1. While "ThadouKuki" is commonly used, it's interesting they kept the "Kuki" part in an official name since the "Thadou" are not the only, albeit the most numerous, "Kuki" ("Kuki" essentially being synonymous with "Chin" on the Indian side of the border). It's also interesting they kept the "u" instead of just writing "Thado" as in the original Census name since "Zo" seems to be written elsewhere without the "u". Some standardisation of spelling across the board might help.

2. Is "Haulngo" a misspelling of "Hualngo" on p.17? Also, it was my understanding that "Hualngo" and "Lushai" are old terms for the "Mizo" on the Burmese and Indian sides respectively. I see the footnote saying "Lushai" was chosen over "Mizo" out of political considerations, but it's also interesting that they did not go with "Lushei" or even "Lusei" which I thought was more original due to the occasional merger of "ei" with "ai" and the allophone "sh" of "s".

3. I'm surprised there is no note next to "Siyin" saying that this is basically just a Burmese pronunciation of the actual name "Sizang".


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That's good to hear about Lamkang. Do you know where they might be living in Myanmar? They were reluctant to add even long-established to the list. Chin currently has the longest list of ethnic groups in the official 135 group list, and some leaders have been feeling pressure to shorten the list.

Just to clarify for others, this list is only for Chin groups in Myanmar.


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Interesting, I see Meit(h)ei discussed but not Lamkang or any of the KC languages spoken in Chandel district listed.  There is a Lamkang settlement in Myanmar although perhaps it is small and fairly recent.

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For all who get confused by long lists of Chin group names, here is a link to the final report by the Chin national action committee on the census, tasked with reviewing the current official list of Chin ethnic groups.



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