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Thank you so much for sharing that Alice.

I just wanted to add that even as a non-native French speaker, I still turned to Denise Bernot's dictionary all the time over English language ones. In addition, I must have carried the mini version of it with me everywhere I went in Burma. Her translations were so on point and always gave me the correct word I needed. I only wish there had been an English version as it would have made my life slightly easier! It was so great to learn about her life and and put a face to the name.

Incidentally, her comment about the SOAS Burmese dictionary starting with the glottal letter made me chuckle. It never made it beyond that first letter, but the fact that it contained all the nominalised verb forms (that as she points out would then have needed to be repeated later) means it actually covers a surprisingly large amount of the Burmese lexicon.

Thank you again,


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Thanks very much, Alice. Great documentary. Very moving at the end. Also shows just how much more interesting and significant is the life and work of one who takes the language/culture/people as the base of what one does rather than taking abstract theoretical models as the core of what one does.


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Dear all,

For those who want to know more about Denise Bernot who passed away a few weeks ago, a film that recounts her extraordinary life is available on the french Academic TV.

Unfortunately, the film hasn't been translated yet in english ; the interviews and the voice-over are in french.

Best wishes,

Alice Vittrant

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