[Tibeto-burman-linguistics] About Sherdukpens and other topics

jacquess at vjf.cnrs.fr jacquess at vjf.cnrs.fr
Wed Mar 2 06:58:32 UTC 2016

Dear colleagues,

After "Khiksaba, a Festival in Sherdukpen Country", written by Pascale
Dollfus and François Jacquesson, published in 2013 at Spectrum Guwahati,
and now available free at :

or at

you may be be interested to know that François Jacquesson just published
"An Introduction to Sherdukpen Language", Universitätsverlag Brockmeyer,
2015. The book is downloadable for a reasonable price (19,00 euros) from :


For publications about Deori, Dimasa, Kokborok and languages in North-East
India and other topics, many of them downloadable, you can have a look at


Thank you,


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