[Tibeto-burman-linguistics] Linguistic Survey of Nepal data from the 1980's online

Mari-Sisko Khadgi mari-sisko_khadgi at sil.org
Wed May 25 08:39:59 UTC 2016

Dear all, 

Just to let you all know that the Linguistic Survey of Nepal (LSN) data forms from the 1980's are now online and downloadable.  The survey field work covered most of the Kiranti languages spoken in the eastern parts of Nepal; the goal was to get basic data from each VDC (Village Development Committee). There are data forms from 32 languages altogether and other than Kiranti languages, there is also some data forms from Newar, Meitei (Manipuri), Meche and Danuwar.

There are four kinds of data forms: 

Word lists:  400+ lexical items

Morphology and syntax:  150+ sentences

Verb paradigms:  100+ sentences

Verb morphology (2 questionnaires): 290 verbs (some basic sentences included)

The web site is still waiting to be moved to the final web location.  The temporary web location is at: http://nepaknol.org.np/cnas/
The intended final location is http://elibrary.cnastu.edu.np/, a link to it will be added on the Publications menu on the current CNAS web site (http://cnastu.edu.np/).

Two notes: 
If you do not enter any search criteria, and click Search you will get a list of all the publications by CNAS. 
The surveys data forms are filed as Questionnaires and can be filtered by Language and District in the Simple Search. 

Happy searching!

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