[Tibeto-burman-linguistics] new Tibetan grammar by Hoshi Izumi

Nathan Hill nh36 at soas.ac.uk
Sun Jan 22 20:08:53 UTC 2017

Dear colleagues,

I just wanted to draw everyone's attention to the publication of a new
Tibetan grammar, by Hoshi Izumi.

A grammar of classical Tibetan based on the clear a mirror of Royal
genealogies (the 14th century)
Tokyo: Research Institute for languages and cultures of Asia and
Africa, Tokyo University of foreign studies, 2016.

Whereas most Tibetan grammars, especially the one by Beyer, are a
hodgepodge of different genres and periods, with no citations for the
examples given, in this case the entire grammar is based on a single
text by single author and every example sentence is explicitly cited.

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