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HAYASHI NORIHIKO jinozu at yahoo.co.jp
Mon Jul 24 23:30:05 UTC 2017

Dear  Eitan and all,


I am glad if you wish to search some Japanese linguists working on these languages.

Tedim/ Tiddim Chin: Dr. Kosei OTSUKA of Osaka University
Jinghpaw: Dr. Keita KURABE of Tokyo University of Foreign Studies
Meche: Prof. Kazuyuki KIRYU of Mimasaka University
Newar: Prof. Kazuyuki KIRYU of Mimasaka Univerisity 
            and Ms. Ikuko MATSUSE of Research Institute for Languages and Cultures of Newar

Prof. Kazuyuki KIRYU already published Meche Dictionary in Nepal a few years ago.

Just for your information.

All the best,


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>Dear all,
>Does anyone know who might know something about Tedim/Tiddim Chin, Jinghpaw, Meche/Mech, or Newar? 
>I would like to verify some small data sets in these languages, and would be grateful for any help. Dictionaries of any of these languages would also be terrific.
>Best wishes,
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