[Tibeto-burman-linguistics] a few papers I am looking for

Nathan Hill nh36 at soas.ac.uk
Thu Jul 27 07:50:06 UTC 2017

Dear Colleagues,

Does anyone have soft copies of the following on Burmese and Burmish
languages? I am grateful for any help.

Bradley, David, “Uncles and Aunts: Burmese Kinship Changes,” 1982.

Lehman, F.K. “Ergativity in the nominal-verbal cycle: internal
syntactic reconstruction in Burmese.” in Zide, ed. 1985, Proceedings
…Participant Roles in South Asia.

Lehman, F.K. “The phonology of Standard Upper Burmese
(Mandalay-Sagaing Dialect) with particular reference to its
implications for Burmese historical phonology,” Paper preparted for
the First Annual Meeting of the Southeast Asian Linguistics Society,
Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan, May 1991.

Maggard, Loren, Sayed Ahmad, Mridul Sangma et al. Marma and Rakhine
Communities of Bangladesh: A Sociolinguistic Survey. SIL, Save the
Children, UNDP publication 2007?

Wannemaker, Mark. A Preliminary Phonology of the Atsi Language.
(Phayap/SIL publication).

Wannemaker, Mark. Selected Features of Zaiwa Grammar. (Phayap/SIL) 1997.

Wannemaker, Mark. Zaiwa Language Lessons (Phayap/SIL) 2003

Wannemaker, Mark, and Zau Mo. A Preliminary Zaiwa-English Lexicon with
English-Zaiwa Glossary. Phayap/SIL 2000.

Watters, David. “Iconicity of Direction Marking in Kham,” in Notes on
Tibeto-Burman 4  (1999).

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