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Taylor and Francis Global Publishers

The American Anthropological Association

The CALA 2019 - The Conference on Asian Linguistic Anthropology 2019

Siem Reap, Cambodia, January 23-26, 2019

The annual conference redefining scholarship on Asian language and society

Dear Academics,

We have arrived at the end of the second and final call, for the CALA 2019.

The immense success of the CALA 2019 is unquestionable, evidenced by

 the over 400 presenters thus far (and growing)
 securing Taylor and Francis as the publisher partner
 affiliating with the American Anthropological Association
 a Scientific Committee of global academic leaders
 the securing of the next two annual CALAs (2020 in Malaysia and 2021 in

Update - Schedule organizing will continue until the CALA 2019 conference
dates are upon us. Due to restrictions (funding, organizational, time
resource, and so forth) within institutions and universities, we are
allowing for a limited submission of proposals from here on, and here,
which we will attempt to include in the conference proceedings, but this
will be contingent on availability of space. This becomes increasingly
arduous as we approach the conference, but we will continue to do our best.

Publications - We have begun discussions with our official publisher,
Taylor and Francis Global, and with the publications sub committee
regarding the papers to be included into the set of (monograph and journal)
publications for 2019 (and then 2020, 2021, and so forth). 

Details - Siem Reap, Cambodia, January 23-26, 2019

Purpose and Structure - Following calls for Asian-specific foci on
Linguistic Anthropology, and related fields, The CALA invites Linguists,
Anthropologists, Linguistic and Cultural Anthropologists, Culturologists,
Sociologists, Political Scientists, and those in related fields pertinent
to Asia.

Late submissions - For all late submissions, please use the submission
procedures as delineated at the following URL:
http://cala2019.puc.edu.kh/submit/, as we have received over 400
submissions thus far.

Multiple presentations - We encourage presenters to present more than one
item at the conference. 

Papers accepted -http://t.greyscale.top/track/click/%2BrBIjQS6KYCw5eHvDox9T0cRtpaV3nOZiOQZVWzAhyPZnqKSw1ukDBljkp2yNnxTqfMWaASJCQyxGRGTldW5mcMLqRtA1%2FDNEX676tb4VjEilmu7dYWfSI7VQ1k8tYopKxIGxa3kkE7qKc2Z3aI66cDmCjRXzBUzL9yD%2FS6uY7s%3Dwill be
continuously updated, but remains contingent on registration and payment.

Schedule -http://t.greyscale.top/track/click/%2BrBIjQS6KYCw5eHvDox9T0cRtpaV3nOZiOQZVWzAhyOTF4CVMb3yCnnb7ltk%2FQWZt1iZWriKNHSMXeDrTr5RRxqb34t577Ek%2BbQKpuZTRHw0uuOjNw%2FJz36NTlh4ZXyNPzKGXjQQBzzaGGkuXY0xyxtp0i61WGRCtqXc2rep%2FVU%3Dwill be continuously
updated, but this will be continuously revised.

Affiliates - The CALA, houses a Scientific Committee of globally prominent
academics, and partners such as Taylor and Francis Global Publishers
(Official Publishing partner), The American Anthropological Association,
Nanyang Technological University, University of Hawai'i, Temple University,
University College London, SOAS, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Indian
Institute of Anthropologists, to mention a few of the growing body of
organizations and institutions joining the CALA network.

Anthropological Excursion - The Spectacular Spiritual Temples of Angkor,
other options.

Speakers - Peter Austin (SOAS), Mie Hiramoto (National University of
Singapore), other prominent Linguists, Linguistic Anthropologists,

Publications - Multiple Top-Tier Ranking Journal issues, and Monographs.
Ample assistance will be provided to submitters for publication.

See website for full CFP and all information


Nhan Huynh

Head of Communications


*The CALA 2019, The Annual Conference on Asian Linguistic Anthropology*

*Paññāsāstra University of Cambodia*



*The COMELA, The Annual Conference on Mediterranean Linguistic



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