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Date: 13 September 2018 at 1:55:47 AM SGT
Subject: Announcement

The last print copies of the STEDT
            There remain five copies of 2-tome publication, the Sino-Tibetan Etymological Dictionary and Thesaurus.
Matisoff, James A. 2015. Sino-Tibetan etymological dictionary and thesaurus (STEDT).  Berkeley: Sino-Tibetan Etymological Dictionary and Thesaurus Project.
            These are handsomely bound in burgundy leather in a folio-size, “compact print” format resembling the Compact OED. Each volume is approximately 600 pages on acid-free archival paper, together coming to xliii + 1141 pages and weighing almost 27 pounds (12.25 kg). They are 18.5 inches (47 cm.) long by 12 inches (30.5 cm.) wide by 1.5 inches (3.17 cm) thick.
            These last copies are available inexpensively at cost 400 USD (plus shipping). For more information please contact Jim Matisoff, matisoff at berkeley.edu.
            A PDF version of the work is available for free for research purposes  at http://stedt.berkeley.edu/dissemination/STEDT.pdf (file size is 22MB). In addition, the database itself remains available and searchable at: http://stedt.berkeley.edu/search.

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